Grout Restoration

Whether they on the floor or your walls, the grout restoration of your tiles and the grout lines can be extremely difficult, tedious and, back-breaking!

You can spend many hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines just to see them get dirty a short time later. Grout is porous and, as a result, it easily absorbs, dirt and liquid spills; wine, fizzy drinks or oily products will cause marks and stains in the joints lines of the grout.

Grout Cleaning, Sealing Or Colouring?

The grout lines between wall-tiles, particularly in damp areas like showers and bath areas become dirty and unattractive as a result of mould forming.

This is difficult to clean with a ‘shop bought ‘or ‘homemade’ grout cleaners. This is because water/liquids can, over time, penetrate deep into the grout and not sit on the surface.

The number one cause of dirty and discoloured grout lines is due to not cleaning the grout regularly.

Whenever you attempt to any DIY grout restoration by mopping, brushes or tools, etc, the dirt from the tile and grout is suspended in the cleaning liquid which is immediately soaked up by the porous grout.

The more you clean (mop) your floor the darker your grout lines become because of this dirt. The dirty water contained on your mop is darkening your grout with every sweeping stroke.

Fret not, here at ACS, we have solutions to restore your grout no-matter how dirty or discoloured they become:

• We can remove the grout and replacing it with new grout.
• We can clean the grout lines with a proprietary grout cleaning tool (s) and products.
• We can professionally ‘Re-Colour Seal’ the grout to the colour of your choice.


We can remove the grout completely from the grout lines and replace it with new grout. This is a process that some homeowners and businesses use. However, this process is messy, dusty, expensive and may take some days to complete (m2 dependent).

The grout replacement has to be done to a high standard in order to avoid cracking or chipping any adjacent tiles. Notwithstanding, once the old grout is removed and the new grout is installed it will only be a matter of weeks before you are right back where you started with dirty, discoloured grout lines. It is therefore recommended that the grout lines be sealed with a proprietary sealer.


The cleaning of ceramic tiles and grout lines by the use of rotary machines has become a very popular method over the past several years and is one of the prefered methods used by ACS,

At ACS, Stirling we offer a broad range of ceramic tile and grout cleaning services, from simple polishing to full cleaning, restoration and resealing.


Colour sealing grout is an effective and efficient technique to obtain stain free grout lines. The discolouration of grout lines and joints in your bath or shower is due to the continued use of formulated shampoos and soaps (acidic).

This causes the grout to stain, becoming pink and or yellow in colour over a relatively short period of time. Although the grout lines and joints can be cleaned, severely stained grout lines may need to be re-coloured.

The recolouring process starts by using a cleansing product that removes all surface dirt and mould/bacteria. Once the grout has been cleaned a colour sealer will be applied to the grout lines that will completely cover any existing grout.

The re-colour sealer can be matched to any shade or colour completely change the colour of the grout to match the tile or their chosen home décor. Once the re-colour sealer has been applied the grout lines are permanently protected from any stains, bacteria or discolouration.

The grout re-colourant sealing process is typically done in one day and does not create any mess. Moreover, by the time the process is finished your bath shower area can be used within a couple of hours and any floor grout can be walked on as normal.

The grout re-colourant sealing process is guaranteed against cracking, chipping and peeling to ensure perfect stain- free grout lines! If you are tired of dirty, discoloured grout lines ruining the look of your tiled floor or walls?

Contact Acleanerplace Cleaning Services today and we can visit and provide you with a couple of options to your dirty or discoloured grout problems.

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