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Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS) are your local Carpet and Upholstery cleaning company for Alloa.   We are right on your doorstep and within easy reach of all areas of Alloa and surrounding wards.  At ACS we have the latest carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, combined with the latest environmentally friendly deep cleaning products and methods you can be sure of engaging with a trained, trustworthy, and professional service.

If you require carpet and upholstery cleaning in Alloa then you need to look no further.  In addition, please feel free to browse our other cleaning services, below, which we are sure you will find that they are all are affordably priced:

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

Stain and Odour Removal

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Domestic Cleaning

ACS undertakes many different methods of carpet, upholstery cleaning.  It could be the traditional ‘wet’ method, commonly called ‘hot water’, or ‘steam cleaning’ which is what most customers require as it allows a ‘deep’ clean of either carpets or upholstery. Other methods include:

Low Moisture (LM) – Similar to VLM but could involve wet cleaning, dependent on the fabric being cleaned and its sensitivity to moisture.

Very Low Moisture (VLM)– Using a specialized cleaning foam or powder for delicate fibers.

Highlight Cleaning – Not unlike LM Cleaning but more of a maintenance clean carried-out at regular intervals after a full hot water extraction type clean.

Dry Cleaning– The use of dry cleaning solvents to clean water-intolerant fabrics, e.g velvet.

Carpet Sanitization– Our HWE also produces steam and thereby sanitizes the carpet. In addition, ACS can provide a ‘green’ biocide sanitizer that provides an efficiacy of 99.9% off against bacteria and other pathogens.

Insecticide Treatments – We provide an effective insecticide treatment that effectively kills most crawling and flying insects such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes that may have taken up residence in your carpet, floorboards or walls.

Stain Protection – ACS provides the best ‘eco-friendly’ stain protection, designed to give lasting protection on carpets, upholstery, stone, tiles and other porous surfaces.

If you consider that any of the above methods suit your needs, or you aren’t quite sure what is the best method for you and are looking for a carpet cleaner for the Alloa area, then please feel free to call and discuss any concerns you may have about your carpet, upholstery or sensitive fabrics.

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    Dining Room Chairs

    I thought my dining room chairs were beyond cleaning. I'd tried every product on the market and had actually managed to make them look even worse with water stains. Tom worked his magic and managed to clean them. I am absolutely delighted with the r esults and wouldn't hesitate to recommend  Acleanerplace. 

    Lynne Horne

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    Spring Time

    Very rarely do you get what it says on the box but this time I did. Tom was respectful of his surroundings and the job was excellent . I had two 15 year old sodas cleaned for the first time and I am delighted with the results. I would be more than happy to recommend this company.

    Gwen Gargunnock, Stirlingshire

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