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Carpet Cleaning

Are you considering having your carpets cleaned? By calling  Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS) on 01786 817401 you will be getting a trained professional in carpet cleaning.

We guarantee, on completion, that your carpet’s pile will be restored like new; clean and fresh and to your complete satisfaction! We remove all of the grime and dirt to give your carpet (s) a new lease of life with our best in class hot water (steam) cleaning machines.

You will be happy to know that ACS follows a professional,  12 stage carpet/upholstery cleaning process (listed below)  that includes our stain and deodorizing removal treatment to tackle any tough stains and pet odours that permeate into your carpets.

 In addition, we offer anti-stain, anti-bacterial and sanitization as well as insect infestation solutions for your carpet or upholstery.  Ultimately, the result will be your carpets’ with a deep clean, and a healthier, happy environment for you, your family and the pets.

Our prices are affordable with no hidden cost or gimmicks added – ‘what we quote is what you pay’!

Before you consider whether to have your carpets deep cleaned by us, you may wish to read this article from the National Carpet Cleaners Association all about best practices in regard to carpet cleaning.

How Do We Achieve Such Amazing Results?

  1. We always give you the best results possible. Our staff are fully trained in the latest carpet cleaning equipment and techniques.
  2. We are insured for Public Liability, treatment risks and property worked upon.
  3. We will always be punctual and professional.
  4. We will treat your home with respect, causing minimum disruption to your life.
  5. We will move furniture for you where possible before carpet cleaning.
  6. We use the latest powerful cleaning machines. This guarantees an exceptional clean.
  7. No hidden charges ( no VAT to pay)!
  8. We can add extras such as stain protection, dust mite protection, deodorizers, and anti-allergens.
  9. We are not a franchise! ACS is a family run business, but more importantly, we are a local, Stirling company. This means we can give you a more personal service and also pass on the savings.

Prior to choosing your carpet cleaner, you should ask ‘what carpet cleaning processes’ they carry out?  It should roughly match the processes below; if not, they are not professional carpet cleaners!  

At ACS we follow a strict, and certified, British Standard (PAS 86) which is  the only government-recognized code of practice for professional carpet cleaning:

 Stage 1:  A Pre-Inspection.
To make sure your carpets or furniture is cleaned correctly, we begin with a thorough pre-inspection. This involves you and the technician inspecting all the carpets/furniture in order to determine their pH and fiber content. This time also allows you to voice any queries and point out areas of concern.

Stage 2: A Pre-Vacuum.
We will vacuum all carpets or furniture in order to get rid of any loose soils.

Stage 3: Moving The Furniture.
To carry out proper carpet cleaning some or all of your furniture may need to be moved and additional vacuuming carried out.  We will also use tabs and blocks to place under the legs of the furniture in order to protect against rust spots forming.

Stage 4: Pre-Stain Treatment & Pre-Conditioning.
Your carpets/upholstery will have a natural, ‘eco-friendly’ pre-spray applied that will assist in the suspension of the ingrained soil, dirt, and grime, which is particularly relevant in heavy trafficked areas. In addition, we will pre-treat stained areas using an appropriate solution.

Stage 5: Pre-Groom/Agitation.
A  carpet/upholstery groomer is used to pre-groom/agitate the pre-sprayed areas. Dependent on the particular level of soiling, a dwell time of between 10-20 mins will occur to allow the pre-spray solution to suspend the dirt.

Stage 6: Rinse & Extraction.
During this stage, we will begin the extraction process by thoroughly rinsing out your carpet/upholstery. This will involve the strict regulation of the heat and pressure to make sure that all soil, dirt, and grime are extracted and your carpets/upholstery do not become too wet.

Stage 7:  The Neutralization Process.
The carpets are then rinsed with a pH balanced product that prevents any sticky residue from being left behind.

Step 8: Post Cleaning Treatment.
Occasionally, stains will not come out during the main cleaning stage. We then use special stain cleaning techniques to ensure that all of the unwanted stains are extracted (where possible) out of the carpet/upholstery.

Stage 9:  Protection Treatment (Additional Cost)
Carpets and upholstery protected with stain protectors last longer, clean up easier and stay clean twice as long as their unprotected counterparts. This application requires up to a 24-hour curing period and is provided at an additional cost.

Stage 10: The Speed Drying Process.
We now deploy our Turbo Speed Dryers in order to speed up the drying process.

Stage 11: Post Grooming.
During this stage, we clean up and move your furniture back into position, being mindful of making sure all furniture legs have tabs placed underneath to prevent rust spots forming. We then inspect all cleaned areas so that anything that we have missed during the initial cleaning is addressed.

Stage 12: Customer’s Post Inspection.
In this final stage, we walk you through your home or office wearing booties in order that you can inspect our work and that you are completely satisfied with the cleaning.

Read more articles on how we do it,  here: https://bit.ly/2PTDQPF

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    Very Professional!

    Thanks for cleaning my carpets so well, they look amazing, like new! Very professional service and good value, I can recommend you to friends with confidence

    Fiona Potter-Irwin

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    Very Good!

    Very Good!Work Done, no hassle, highly recommended!

    David McClean

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