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A  stone floor can make all the difference to a home, transforming your home into something that bit more special! Now, dependent on your stone selection (see below) natural stone floors, over time, suffer from ingrained dirt and liquid (acidic) spills. At Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS) we provide a stone cleaning and restoration service that will bring ‘new life’ to anyone’s stone floor!

Your stone floor will (may) have had an impregnating or a topical seal applied at the time of installation. The sealant is essentially a barrier against this daily wear and tear and as such will gradually wear down (2-3 years).

The wearing down of the sealant may leave all-natural floor tiles looking dull, and also more susceptible to staining; particularly the grout lines. It is therefore vital to ensure the floor’s sealer is topped up. By contacting ACS we can offer you a stone cleaning restoration (sealing ) service for any of  the below-listed types of natural stone floors:


Granite is a natural stone comes in a variety of colours including, grey, white, pink and red. Granite is admired for its strength, high resistance to scratching, acid, heat and low porosity; its versatility and durability of granite means it is used for a wide variety of purposes, commonly, splashbacks and countertops to exterior floor tiles.  Pre-sealing of granite is vital as is ongoing cleaning maintenance of this type of stone.

Granite stone cleaning
Granite Stone


Limestone is a soft stone, renowned for its, toughness and durability. It is most often the preferred choice for interior and exterior floor and walls in both a commercial and domestic setting in the form of flooring, wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings. Being a porous stone, limestone can suffer from efflorescence, stains, salt spalling and acid etching and so requires sealing.

Limestone Tiles


Marble, depending on its formation, ahs a variety of colours include white, grey, brown and pink. Marble is valued throughout the world for its distinct colours, textures and accessible cost; marble is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, like countertops, vanities and floor tiles.  

Calcareous stones such as marble are vulnerable to damage known as acid-etching e.g. when lemon, cola, coffee or wine comes into contact with an acid-sensitive material it will dissolve the calcium inside the stone. For this reason, the marble will benefit from a seal protector.

Marble Stone


Porcelain is easy to maintain and has a low absorption rate. Combined with an elegant design, porcelain is a favoured choice of material for homeowners and commercial application.  Being a porous stone, porcelain suffers from stains and benefits from being sealed.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain Tiles


Quarry Tiles are a classic chose in many places due to their hard-wearing qualities and are often used in high traffic areas such as reception patio areas kitchens. Although extremely hard-wearing, they become neglected and hidden under years of dirt and grime.

Quarry Tiles, Clean And Restoration
Quarry Tiles


Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock and comes in a range of colours including, white, cream, yellow, red and grey. The wide variation in the types of different sandstone allows it to be used a variety of indoor and outdoor (flagstones) settings: kitchens, patios, churches, and pool surround etc. Sandstone being a porous (and brittle) stone suffers from staining, efflorescence, and salt spalling. Sandstone (flagstones) benefit from being protected with an appropriate sealer.

Sandstone Floor Tiles Cleaning And Restoration


Slate is a metamorphic rock derived from shale. The stone’s colours can be red, brown, black or grey depending on its mineral content. Slate has been used for centuries, most commonly used for a number of purposes including; roof tiles, indoor and outdoor flooring. Slate is attractive to many for its practicality and design qualities.  Slate, similar to other porous stone may suffer from staining, efflorescence and ‘picture framing (grout haze).

Slate Tile Cleaning And Restoration


Terracotta (Terracotta means burned earth) tiles are a coarse, porous clay that has been refined and moulded into the desired shape that is then fired in a kiln to produce terracotta. The unglazed terracotta tiles can be found in a variety of colours depending on what minerals were present in the clay; from orange, brown, yellow to grey.  

As a building material, terracotta is often found as a pool surround, patios and more commonly as roof tiles. Very much like quarry tiles, but more porous resulting in liquid and dirt ingress.  Efflorescence can be a problem for terracotta that is laid outdoors and requires a specialist sealer to protect it from this problem.

Terracotta Clean And Seal


Travertine is a clastic sedimentary rock. Its colours include white, cream, tan, brown and even red. Travertine is valued for its textures and adaptability, being used for a range of purposes including wall cladding, interior and exterior floor tiles as well as paving for pool surrounds.

Stains, acid-etching, efflorescence and salt-spalling are some of the common issues with travertine; being a porous stone it will benefit from sealing and good maintenance.

Travertine Stone cleaning and restoration, stirling


Terrazzo is a composite of marble, quartz, granite and glass chips which are set in cement or an epoxy resin. The material is allowed to cure and is then polished to leave a smooth surface. Terrazzo is most often used as indoor flooring for both residential and commercial buildings such as supermarkets and hotels due to its durability and relatively low maintenance. Terrazzo is sensitive to organic acid-based stains and requires to be cleaned and sealed.

Terrazzo Stone


Glazed ceramic tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, water and scratch resistance. Ceramic tiles can be found almost everywhere these days; walls, floors, fireplaces.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning And Restoration
Ceramic Tile


One of the most common issues we find with queries we get, is in the difficulty in not being able to identify what type of stone floor type you have! If you suffer from this dilemma, then don’t worry, with our experience and training we will be able to identify what the stone type is and advise you accordingly before we proceed with your stone cleaning or restoration.

Indeed, while each type of stone has its own strengths and issues, the best solution for your floor is dependent on your unique situation. All stone floors will undergo general wear and tear to a greater or lesser extent.

One of the most common forms of damage is simply from dirt and grit being trodden into the floor. This is far more noticeable on hard floors that are polished to a high sheen; the minute scratches in the surface dull the sheen effect.

In many cases, where the stone is more porous, or the sealant has completely worn away, we find there is damage from water and another liquid ingress. The acidity level, commonly found in some food and drinks, can leave long-lasting stains (etching) on certain types of stone.

Another common problem on tiled floors is grout. This softer substance that bonds the tiles is often more vulnerable than the tiles themselves! The grout, being somewhat recessed, can act as a dirt and spill trap; and its more porous surface can become very stained and discoloured.

Whatever the issue one of our technicians will be able to analyse your floor type, discuss the exact process, advise on what the best solution for your type of stone, its condition and the desired finish/result that you would like to achieve.

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