Tea Stain

How To Get A Tea Stain Out Of Upholstery:

Here are some varied  DIY methods to get a tea stain out of upholstery dependent on what solutions you have at hand:

Method 1:  Using a clean cloth, soak up as much of the tea spill as you can. Wet the stain with some club soda and blot with a clean cloth, turning as the stain comes out. Continue applying club soda and blotting until the stain has been removed.

Method 2: Take one cup of white vinegar, add three drops of dishwashing liquid. Pour a bit of the mixture on a sponge and dab at the stain repeatedly until it is removed, then rinse the area with water.

Method 3:  Pour a small amount of beer (yes, beer!) directly on the stain. Use a clean cloth to gently rub it in, and then blot to soak up the beer and the stain. Repeat a few times to completely remove the stain. Rinse the area thoroughly afterward with cold water to remove the beer.

Method 4: Squirt some shaving foam on the stain and rub gently into the carpet with an old toothbrush or similar object. Use club soda or cold water to rinse the area, and then soak up by patting the area with a clean dry cloth. Continue the process until the stain is removed.

Method 5: Mix together of 3 to 1 bicarbonate/baking soda and warm water. Mix the two together to form a paste. Gently apply to the stain with a toothbrush. Allow the mixture to dry on the carpet. Vacuum, and then flush the area with either club soda or cold water and then soak up by patting the area with a clean dry cloth.

Coffee Stain being spilt from a mug onto light coloured carpet
Tea/ Coffee Stain

How To Get  A Tea Stain Out Of Carpet:

The methods, above,  to get a tea stain out of upholstery are the same for carpet. Advisory Notes: When the stain has been removed, place a clean cloth over the wet area and place something heavy on top, like books or weights this will allow any water/solutions remaining to wick into the weighted cloth.
  • Allow the items to sit there for a few hours or overnight.

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